Monday, December 22, 2014

My Love Club

The people that I hang out with aren't inside the society's eye of perfection.

We wear clothing from the 80's, Fell in love with Kurt Cobain and young Johnny Depp, and most importantly gave up our freedom for each other.

We usually aren't seen our natural habitats {bedroom} but we are than we are found outside reading a book out on grass, on a foggy beach, or occasionally at a coffee shop that is definitely not Starbucks.

When I said 'we gave up our freedom for each other', I meant what I said. We want to join a club just for the hell of it. Though we love it, it seems like you can't leave.

Lorde basically explained the story in her song The Love Club.

Being apart of a clique like this is unfortunate. I would say stay away but it's kind of hard to make that promise.

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